About SugarNoms:

I was ten years old and found myself watching Cupcake Wars. I was hooked! I began watching and reading everything I could about baking. All summer long I watched professionals sharing recipes and techniques on YouTube. I began experimenting with recipes and then started coming up with my own twists. My parents helped me by getting me baking equipment, supplies, and ingredients. I started making cake pops and cupcakes. Then cakes. Then cookies, then pies. So much fun! And so one day while vacationing I was thinking about a name for my own baking website. I thought about sweets and baking. I thought about good tasting cakes, cupcakes, pies and pastries. Mmmm. Sugar. Nom nom nom. Sugar Nom! That’s it! That’s how Sugar Noms got its name. I hope you like my posts. Have a great idea for a recipe? Want to bake with me on one of my episodes? Contact me!

Use the best ingredients. Be creative. And have fun. Thanks for watching!

Marissa Angelina



April 19, 2013 – OC Register “It’s a Scramble to the Finish”
Marissa named Kids Top Chef 2013 by Chef Zov

Cooking with Chev Zov

Cooking with Chev Zov